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A non-profit organisation dedicated to the welfare of abandoned, orphaned, sickly or abused babies approached Mobius Consulting for assistance in strengthening their Information Security and helping with awareness of good Privacy practices within the organisation. The organisation also had a requirement to formalise a social media communication guideline that would assist all staff with upholding the privacy and confidentiality of the babies in their care.

Our team of Information Information Security and Privacy consultants proceeded to meet these objectives through the following approach:

  • Formalising an Information Handling guide which addressed the organisation’s Information Security protocols, Privacy guidelines and social media communication guidelines. The Information Handling guide was tailored for the organisation through constant collaboration and pragmatic analysis of their unique requirements.
  • Creating an accompanying graphical Information and Privacy Handling poster with intuitive illustrations and practical guidelines.
  • Spreading awareness of the organisation’s Information Security, Privacy and social media communication guidelines through an interactive training workshop with staff.
  • Conducting a review of the current technology used by the organisation from an Information Security and Privacy perspective, and providing recommendations on areas for improvement.

Upon conclusion of the project, the organisation gained a better understanding of the importance of Information Security and Privacy and was able to implement the developed policies, guidelines and improvement recommendations. The staff were more aware of their roles and empowered to contribute to the confidentiality of the babies in their care. Mobius Consulting, in turn, were grateful to have been given the opportunity to assist the charitable organisation that provides critical welfare services to the most vulnerable in society.

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