Identity and access governance (IAG)

For any business, controlling who has access to information is a complex task. And it is complicated even further by regulations (such as the GDPR) that demand the implementation of IAG: the management and oversight of system access to ensure information protection.

The trick is to simplify IAG so it can be understood and embraced throughout your organisation. We apply our specialist knowledge to do exactly that, using a holistic approach that bridges the knowledge gap between governance, process and technology across the many stakeholder groups needed to create a successful IAG capability.

Result? All your stakeholders are empowered to fulfil their new roles, with the tools and confidence to execute their responsibilities easily. This ensures a fit-for-purpose, sustainable solution that supports the protection of information, compliance with laws and regulations, risk reduction, and the realisation of business value.



  • Holistic: big-picture thinking ensures an integrated and comprehensive implementation
  • Risk-based: ensures solutions are created based on your unique business landscape
  • Standardised: reduces complexity and ensures efficiency
  • Facilitates conversations to realign your IAG vision, strategy, roles and responsibilities


  • Sustainable IAG capability
  • Improved compliance and information security
  • Risk reduction and robust access governance
  • Stakeholders empowered to fulfil designated responsibilities
  • Boosted efficiency, increased agility and reduced operational costs


  • Specialist IAG knowledge: management, compliance, governance
  • ISO Lead Implementer, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • Change management
  • IAG business analysis and requirements definition
  • IAG strategy and road map development
  • IAG process mapping and roles and responsibilities (RACI models) development
  • IAG metrics and reporting


Identity and Access Management Approach