Malcolm Parker began his career on a traditional chartered accountant route with articles at KPMG which is where he met Patrick Ryan and Lynn Martin. Quite early in his career he realised he was more passionate about IT than finance and switched to a career in IT auditing, advisory and consulting. During the course of his career he has obtained several professional certifications in IT auditing, service management, information security, privacy and relationship management.

In 2005 Malcolm moved on from KPMG and started the first IT audit function for Pick’n Pay, which he managed for a number of years before moving to the IT Hub in Silicon Valley, USA. After a couple of years in California as the Privacy Compliance lead for a Fortune 500 company, he moved to Indonesia on sabbatical but was drawn back into the industry and found a position at Deloitte. While in Jakarta, Malcolm predominantly focused on the oil and gas industries across South East Asia.


In 2014 Malcolm came back to South Africa and began his own organisation called GRC Pro. During that time, he reconnected with Patrick Ryan and Lynn Martin where he was called in to assist on a project. After a short period of working together, Malcolm agreed to join the Mobius Consulting team on a full time basis.


“What matters to me is that we are able to provide clients what they need,” says Malcolm. “I found this ethos with Mobius Consulting – here I can offer clients what they need in an unlimited and unconstrained fashion.”





Malcolm Parker is the Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) service line leader. He believes maintaining good relationships with clients is just as important as providing technical excellence.


Each of the Mobius Consulting clients have a large variety of vendors that they are reliant on. Companies can manage their third-party risk autonomously but the implications of a security breach could be catastrophic for the organisation.


For that reason, Malcolm and his team help organisations understand and manage their third party risk with best practices and industry leading automation tools.

“Our consulting team helps companies implement solid TPRM best practice policies and processes,” says Malcolm. “Alternatively we are able to provide a full managed service solution for customers who don’t have the resources or capacity internally.”

Driven by authenticity, Malcolm is also responsible for customer relationship management: he looks after key accounts, ensuring that the right processes are in place and that all Mobius clients are well looked after.


“What drives me is delivering value and building relationships. I am passionate about helping people transform their organisation, about keeping their company secure whilst being a partner in the journey towards ensuring their company is safe.”




“At Mobius Consulting we have a personal touch. We are people orientated and we are able to bring simple, practical solutions to very complex problems. We genuinely want to help our clients by finding a simple solution.”


All of the consultants at Mobius bring something special to the company and with his extensive experience across the globe in the oil and gas, retail and financial services industries, Malcolm Parker offers a broad perspective into the challenges that are unique to these industries.


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