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We’ve certainly noticed recent changes in global Privacy regulation, including the go live date of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as some advances with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) – more precisely, the efforts of the Information Regulator to establish its office. Privacy has most definitely moved past the point of being just a hot topic in boardrooms. This is especially true for organisations where their core business operations are dependent on processing personal information of local and international customers/ employees. Some of the sectors in which organisations process higher volumes of personal information include Hospitality, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Health Services, and Information Technology Service Providers. Organisations across these (and other) sectors are increasingly becoming aware that the protection of personal information is now a legal requirement which holds potentially severe consequences for non-compliance. The only problem is, organisations don’t always know where to start the compliance journey, often leading to misaligned and wasted efforts.




Proactive and practical compliance is what Mobius is about. A few priorities you can establish to kick start your journey (or check in your existing approach), include:

  • Define accountability for privacy in the organisation by assigning ownership for data protection.
  • Understand where you operate and plan to operate to establish which legislative Privacy requirements apply.
  • Have a view of where personal information enters, moves and exits the organisation.
  • Identify your high risk third parties that process personal information on behalf of your organisation and determine how to obtain assurance over compliance as well establish legal terms for processing activities with them.
  • Ensure that employees understand what Privacy is really about, so they are able to better protect information.
  • Define a clear information security strategy that supports Privacy efforts and promotes the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information that is core to your organisation.


Mobius provides tailored and practical services in line with the above to organisations across a multitude of sectors; and in various stages of their Privacy compliance journeys. Some of the advantages that come with privacy compliance include:

  • Quality data
  • Customer trust
  • Improved Operations
  • Information Security


Visit our Information Privacy page for more information on our service offerings and how we can assist your organisation to kick-start the journey to privacy compliance and reap business benefits that go beyond compliance.