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Yolandi Moodley’s Background 


At the University of Johannesburg, Yolandi Moodley studied a BCom in IT Management and completed her Honours Degree in Informatics. With exposure to both the business and technical sides of her field, Yolandi discovered that she has more of an interest in the business, management and governance sector.   

Yolandi Moodley started her professional career at KPMG after being head hunted by a talent scout who felt that she would be a good fit for the company. She went on to spend four years at KPMG in the information protection, business resilience and information security service line. As a member of the IT advisory department at KPMG, Yolandi Moodley started to get a feel for the consulting side of her industry as she worked with clients, selling information security services.  

As her role pivoted in KPMG, she moved into the internal information security department. Here she was given the opportunity to conduct information security assessments and set-up processes in countries such as Malawi, Namibia and Mauritius.   

After her time at KPMG, Yolandi Moodley moved briefly to PWC as an Information Security and Privacy Manager before she heard about Mobius Consulting through a friend. Today, Yolandi has been working with Mobius Consulting for just over 6 years.     



Yolandi Moodley’s role at Mobius Consulting 


Yolandi Moodley joined Mobius Consulting as a Senior Consultant and was one of the first homegrown employees to go through the ranks and become a Managing Consultant.  

“Mobius Consulting has helped me to shift and change over the years. The company has helped to mould my career and grow me into an expert in my profession which is why I’ve been here for so long,” says Yolandi Moodley.   

As a Senior Managing Consultant at Mobius Consulting, Yolandi Moodley is also the service line leader for Information Security as well as a recent member of the EXCO team. She primarily focuses on Information Security Governance which includes Information Security assessments based the ISO 27000 series and NIST assessments, and secondly, she is responsible for Information Security awareness such as creating content, awareness programmes and helpful activities to highlight the importance of user awareness with organisations 

“I am an ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and Implementer, which is one of the standards we use to help our structure our clients in the infosec environment. I lay the foundation for Information Security down for our clients,” says Yolandi Moodley. ISO 27 001 is a foundational standard that would benefit corporate companies in their Information Security preparation. Yolandi Moodley helps to equip companies so that they are mature and ready to become certified in the ISO 27 001 standard.  


Yolandi Moodley’s Values 


Yolandi Moodley believes in and values building a strong relationship with her clients. “I believe in building lasting relationships with our clients and other specialists in our sector of work. We are a small niche of Information Security specialists and I have been working with the same people for around 10 or 11 years. When we understand them well, we will serve them well,” says Yolandi Moodley.   


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