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managing director of mobius consulting south africa

One of Africa’s leading information risk specialists has been appointed as Managing Director for Mobius Consulting South Africa.

Sandhya Mohan-Pillai has been an IT risk discipline expert for over 23 years. Her journey with Mobius began as Principal Consultant in the earliest days of the company, shaping the services, building the culture, and helping grow the business to where it is today.

“Actualising sustainable change has been an underpinning factor for Mobius Consulting from the beginning. As a people-first organisation, we take pride in the results and impact we deliver – not only for our customers, but for our own people as well.” – Sandhya Mohan-Pillai

Handing Over the Reins: A Message from the Founder of Mobius Group, Patrick Ryan

After nine years as MD for Mobius Consulting South Africa, Patrick Ryan decided to step down from his role and hand over to a fellow director who’s been there with him since the beginning.

“Sandhya, we congratulate you on your new role. We have no doubt that the company is going to grow beyond our imaginations,” says Patrick. “We are very excited to see what you and your team can do in 2022 and beyond.”

Patrick will be staying on as the financial director for the company while also focusing on growing the other global companies in the group: Phinity Risk Solutions, Mobius Binary, Mobius Consulting Mauritius, Mobius Consulting United Kingdom, and the future Mobius offices.

‘Building Digital Trust’

“The opportunity to create something new and shape the destiny of an organisation is what resonates with me.  That is why I joined Mobius from the very beginning, and I’ve never looked back.” – Sandhya Mohan-Pillai

Since establishing the company in Johannesburg in 2012, Patrick, Lynn Martin, and Sandhya have grown Mobius organically, each contributing something different.

“We work well together to design unique, personalised services that provide practical and sustainable solutions for our clients. Regardless of the size of the project, our goal is to drive positive change in the organisations we work with,” Sandhya explains.

“The leadership team wants to take Mobius to the next level by ‘Building Digital Trust’. As business operations become more digitised and automated, our role is to ensure our clients can trust their information and rely on it.” – Sandhya Mohan-Pillai 

With the challenges that came in 2020, Sandhya and her team have evolved the Mobius service offerings to cater for the changes the world is currently experiencing. “Trust is at the core of what organisations will continue to need, and our role is to help them achieve this,” says Sandhya. “Evolving our offerings alongside technology keeps us in a place of continuous innovation.”

“Trust in technology may diminish if not managed correctly, and clients need a company like Mobius to help build and sustain that trust. No matter what solution our clients need, we’re positioned to give them peace of mind.” – Sandhya Mohan-Pillai


Strength in Diversity

Mobius is one of the few female-led businesses in this sector and is a proudly diverse organisation. “Our biggest asset is our people. Our next-biggest asset is our expertise,” says Sandhya. “With the mixture of men and women from different backgrounds, diversity is at the very heart of Mobius. The company culture encourages balance.”

From an MD’s standpoint, Sandhya wants to grow the company while preserving its culture. Alongside significant growth targets, authenticity and personal development are front of mind.

A People-First Organisation

As a passionate leader, Sandhya will continue to drive Mobius as a company that empowers ‘new thinkers’.

“Mobius is more than a company – it is a platform for inquisitive minds to grow,” she explains. “We develop employees while helping them discover what they really enjoy within their field. We want them to feel like they can shape something, make a difference, and explore new opportunities.” 

“The people who succeed at Mobius are the ones that take initiative, that are practical and creative in their approach. We are always looking for people who can bring something new to the company.” – Sandhya Mohan-Pillai

Moving Forward

Sandhya’s appointment is a reflection of the current state of Mobius: expansion, innovation, and readiness for the future. “I am where I am meant to be, and I’m excited to see where this journey goes,” she says. “Looking back at everything we’ve achieved over the past decade, we’re very proud of the services we’ve developed for our clients and how we’ve grown alongside them.

We look forward to breaking even more new ground in the years to come.” 

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