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Roelien Howell’s Background 

Roelien Howell started her professional career at KPMG where she was exposed to many varied privacy projects, and it was there that she became passionate about the subject. After her time at KPMG, Roelien Howell joined the Mobius Consulting team in its first year of operation.  

“It was like joining a very small group of people who wanted to change the way we provide advisory services to our clients. At Mobius we wanted to take it a step further than just an audit report. We wanted to assist our clients by providing them with practical solutions, so that together we are able to resolve the issues they might face,” says Roelien.  


Roelien Howell’s role at Mobius Consulting 

Roelien Howells’s primary focus at Mobius Consulting is the privacy sector and building the privacy services, which has eventually lead to her taking over management of the Information Privacy service line.  

Mobius Consulting offers an end-to-end service when it comes to corporate privacy. Today, Roelien Howell’s role includes assisting clients with understanding what their privacy requirements are, assessing where clients are in their journey, and then helping them to implement the required controls to compliance.  

“Our approach entails becoming part of our clients’ environment in order to help them drive control implementation. What I appreciate about our team is that we get into the details with our clients, where we are not seen as an external party anymore,” says Roelien Howell. “We become a part of the team.” 

Information Privacy is a legal subject matter, but Roelien’s approach is to bring a few of the broader Mobius Consulting services into the conversation to come up with right solutions for her clients. “The legal interpretation and approach to information privacy can be costly and cumbersome, but our approach is a bit different,” says Roelien Howell.  



The Privacy Service Line Team at Mobius Consulting 

The privacy team is filled with extremely passionate, highly skilled people who are experts in privacy matters, and passionate about making a difference. The team holds a diverse range of skills such as project management, behavioural change management and technical subjects, which means they are able to bring practical privacy solutions to the table. The Mobius Consulting service line experts also play a role in helping Roelien Howell’s team with a broader and practical perspective on privacy. 

“Our team holds a number of internationally recognised privacy certifications through the IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) including Technology for Privacy, Privacy Management and European Privacy Focus certifications,” says Roelien Howell. 


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